Dimensional Sampling Gauge (DSG)

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The Dimensional Sampling Gauge (DSG) is a high-precision, automated measurement station that performs a battery of critical measurements in one, hands-free operation. This system, designed to meet the demanding measurement requirements of the glass container manufacturing industry, incorporates state-of-the art optics, mechanical components and advanced measurement algorithms to perform even the most difficult measurements with high accuracy and repeatability on a 24/7 basis.

Multiple measurement functions in one station

  • Dimensional
  • Bore
  • Pushup
  • Weight
  • Sidewall thickness

3 configurations available

  • Laboratory-based system with operators loading up to 48 containers for hands free operation
  • Stand-alone on the plant floor with conveyor infeed for measuring setouts
  • As part of the Agr OmniLab automated sampling system with samples automatically diverted from the manufacturing line

Over 30 different measurements specifically for bottles and jars

  • Multiple external body dimensions
  • Height
  • Comprehensive finish measurements
  • Lean/Bent neck
  • Tilt
  • Angles and radii
  • Summarizers for indirect measurement results
  • Searchable “T” and “E”
  • ID & Taper – depth to 90mm
  • Locking angle
  • Pushup/base clearance
  • Weight
  • Panel bulge and dip
  • Knockout
  • Flange
  • Simple label panel scan
  • Panel Area Scan for non-continuous labels

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