Thiết bị đo lưu lượng dạng cánh quạt - có tích hợp màn hình hiển thị lớn + đèn báo hiệu xảy ra lỗi,  thể hiện 2 thang đo

FP-AS510 A paddlewheel flowmeter of large font, large indicator lights, and double measuring range

- A wider flowrate detection range (0.15 m/s~10m/s)*

- Exclusive LCD/LED double screen design, double screen monitoring  : LED-5 digits LED/LCD 16x3 LCD backlight display

- An active smart mechanism for the detection of flow problems that arise from paddle disappearance

- Bidirectional flow detection

- Easy replacemement 

Applicable for
PCB wet process | Panel industry | Semiconductor | Water treatment | Food Manufacturing | Dyeing | Chemical industry | Waste water without large particle