Fire detection systems for any application


Our interactive fire detection systems are developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and conforms with the CEN regulation EN 54 and maritime requirements (SOLAS).

Autroprime Interactive
Fire Detection System


Autroprime - small-to-medium sized applications
Autroprime brings simplicity, quality, cost-effectiveness and extensive functionality in one integrated system. Autroprime is provided to the user in a pre-configured state. In this state the panel is set to automatically recognize detectors and other loop units connected to the detection loops and the availability of routing equipment, etc. As such, the system is fully functional and ready-to-use after a few minutes, simply by turning the power ON. Further site-specific configuration can easily be performed if necessary.

Download the Onshore Autroprime brochure  or the Maritime Autroprime brochure.
AutroSafe Interactive
Fire Detection System

AutroSafe - large and complex installations
Autronica Fire and Security offers a totally distributed system that literally takes its own pulse: the AutroSafe Interactive Fire Detection System, including the unique technology; AutroSafe SelfVerify.
AutroSafe 4 operates on a high-speed and fully redundant Ethernet-based network solution; AutroNet, providing extremely fast data transmission. A maximum of 64 system units (panels, controllers) can be connected to the AutroNet.The system has a great capacity, and the fact that all types of loop units can be connected to the same detection loop gives large flexibility. 

The comprehensive range of interactive low-profile detectors revolutionizes modern sensor technology and is the striking proof of our technical leadership in this field.

Download the Onshore AutroSafe 4 brochure, the Maritime AutroSafe 4 brochure or the Oil & Gas AutroSafe 4 brochure.


A large range of
detectors and other units

Autronica Fire and Security delivers complete systems, that in addition to panels contain detectors, manual call points, control units, audiovisual units, input/output units and other loop units. They all include revolutionary Autronica technology, and are adjusted to each system.

We also deliver communication equipment that enables communication with telephone network systems, pager systems, voyage data recorders and various process control systems.

AutroBeam - Our range of beam detectors
AutroSense - Our range of aspirating detectors
AutroTel - Communication with the GPRS network