UniStream® 5"- Programmable Logic Controller With Integrated HMI

Powerful programmable logic controller with high quality HMI touch screen. Multi-function in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/Os built into a single unit.

UniStream 5″ main features: Ethernet/IP, VNC, FTP, Web Server, Video + RTSP, SQL Client and more. It is backed by the most efficient programming software you have ever used.

Availability in two versions: 5″ and 5″ Pro



  • High quality touchscreen
  • Multi Language
  • Built-in image library
  • UniApps


  • EtherNet/IP
  • Web server*
  • Send e-mail function
  • SMS messaging
  • FTP
  • SNMP
  • SQL Client*
  • GPRS/GSM enabled
  • Ethernet via TCP/IP
  • Remote Access via VNC
  • Message Composer
  • CANopen, UniCAN, and more
  • Video + RTSP*
  • BACnet, KNX and M-Bus via gateway
  • Ports: Ethernet, USB host, Audio Jack*, microSD, miniUSB.
  • Add-on ports: Communication modules RS232, RS485 and CANbus.

UniStream® 5"- Programmable Logic Controller With Integrated HMI, ANS HaNoi