List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.12

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(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam RAYGPRCFW
 Infrared Temperature Sensors
 GPR Close Focus sensing head with 8 - 14 micron spectral response, 3mm (.1") spot size at 76mm (3") distance
 Air/Water Coolable housing includes air purge collar
(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam RAYGPC
 GPC panel-mount meter with standard 5 VDC alarm outputs
(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam XXXGPACFB
 Item no: 2474791
 GPC mounting bracket for sub-panel mounting of monitor
(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam XXXTXXACPA
 Item no: 2491164
 Pipe thread adaptor (Sighting Tubes listed below can be attached to this)
Allen Bradley
Corect Model: 20G1ANC170JN0NNNNN
 PowerFlex 755 AC Drive
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1250K
Anritsu Vietnam Model: A-233K-01-1-TC1-ANP
Balluff Vietnam BUS003N
 BUS M30M1-PWC-20/130-S92K
 Ultrasound Sensors
Barksdale Vietnam FLS F3.00
 Impeller flow sensor PVDF/FPM
 for the direct
 connection with a PLC
 Voltage 12-24 Volt/DC
 Protection class IP65
 Sensor length LO
Baumer Vietnam Code:  11062237
 Description: ITD 23 A 4 Y 2 128 H BX K10SK4 S 14
 Incremental encoders
Baumuller DirectMotion Vietnam Item no: 445407
 Brake disc SB 200
 Producer no.: 00365081
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 190501-01-00-CN
 Velocity Transducer
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330103-00-09-10-11-00
 Proximity Probes
Campbell Scientific Vietnam Model: CR1000-ST-SW-NC
Campbell Scientific Vietnam Model: AVW200-ST
Dold Vietnam Model: BD5936.17 AC50/60HZ 230V
 Art number: 0046456
FMS Vietnam Order no. 50002848
 Print bestückt BKS590166_I
 Webguide controller electronic board BKS309
 ( Board for BKS020.350.480.75.D.590238.1US, stock code : EL35/13A, 1077211 )
 Note : **Will be delivered with A B Graphic Software (acc. to pictures provided**
FMS Vietnam New part number RMGZ100C.100
 (replace for RMGZ121b & RMGZ121A )
 RMGZ100C-Series Compact force sensor
Gemu Vietnam Part no: 88706128
 610 15D78 52911/N
 Diaphragm valve
 Type 610
 DN 15
 Body configuration D
 Connection type 78
 Vavle Body material 5
 Control Function 1
 Actuator version 1/N
 Diaphragm size 10
Hirschmann Vietnam Hirsch. RS20-0800M2M2SDAE
 1 HIRSCHMANN 2636154
 Ethernet DIN Rail Switches
 NOTE: Factory always omit the designation at the end "HHXX.X" or "HH04.0". The "HH" stands for a standard version and the numbers stand for the software version. The offered device corresponds to your request.
Model : CN7234A2008
 Damper Actuator
IFM Vietnam Code: TN2511
 Description:Temperature sensor with display
 (TN2531 is replaced by TN2511)
MDEXX Vietnam Type: 2IL1564-1AC13-8CJ0 Fan for Chiller System
 Radial fan Fan size: 560mm
 substitute fan type for 2CF4564-2NA11-0DB6
 Special design:
 - IP55
 - 230VD/460VY at 50Hz
 - 460VY at 60Hz
 - Coolant temperature -30°C to 55°C
 - Version according to UL with "Recognition Mark
 - Canadian regulations (CSA)
 Impeller: Sheet steel epoxy resin powder coating RAL7030
 Enclosure: 2K-EP-METALLGRUND SG64-301273
 Drawing number: VZF4408-32
 According to ERP DVO 327
 Motor: IP55 RAL7030
 Coating: Epoxy resin powder coating
 Mounting material: Galvanised
 Operating data: - 50Hz: Vpkt=1,55m^3/s Pt=349Pa ; PL=1,19kW
 - 60Hz: Vpkt=1,86m^3/s Pt=481Pa ; PL=1,98kW
 Technical delivery conditions according to
 DIN24166, accuracy class 2
 Tolerances to electrical specifications according to DIN EN 60034
 Vibrations according to ISO14694
MDEXXX Vietnam Type: 2LL1504-2AA13 Fan for Chiller System
 Radial fan Size: 1PQ8 31
 substitute fan type for 2CF4504-1NA11-0DB4
 Impeller: Sheet steel powder coated ; RAL7032
 Drawing number: VZF4408-10
 According to ERP DVO 327
 Motor: IE3 ; 230V#/400VY @ 50Hz ; 460VY @ 60Hz
 Motor: IP55 RAL7030 ; Coating: 2K-EP-METALLGRUND
 Colour steel parts: RAL7032
 Fixing material: Galvanised
 Operating data 60Hz: Vpkt=1,32m3/s ; Pt=408Pa PL=1,32kW
 Technical delivery conditions according to
 DIN24166, accuracy class 2
 Tolerances to electrical data according to DIN EN 60034
 Vibrations according to ISO14694
 Balance and vibration category: BV3
 Inspection certificate EN10204-3.1 (german / english)
Onicon Vietnam Code: F-1100-10-C3-1221
 Flow Meters
Model : 5X00225G01
 Ovation Process Control Base Assembly
 Note : recheck stock khi order
Rootech Vietnam Model: ACCURA 2300
 Distribution Panel Digital Power Meter
Sanyo Denki Vietnam Model: 104-8011-1
 DC Tachometer Generator
Sick Vietnam Code: 6007303
 Description: DOS-1204-W
 Plug connectors and cables
SICK Vietnam Code: 2049526
 Description: Printed circuit board
SICK Vietnam Code:  2086036
 Description: Display module
TURCK Vietnam Code: 6870004
 Description: FCS-G1/2A4-AP8X-H1141
 Flow Monitoring
TURCK Vietnam Code: 6870015
 Description: FCS-GL1/2A4-AP8X-H1141/D090
 Flow Monitoring
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMP110 I61A2CHB1
 RH- and T- probe
 Output Signals Scaling for 4...20mA converter
 Channel 1 Td (-40...+80C)
 Channel 2 RH (0...100%)
 Sensor Protection: Plastic grid with filter
 Probeholder For Vaisala Products
 HumicapR Sensor Filter Electrode
 Shielded Cable, 1.2 m, 4-pin M8 Female Straight
 Multilingual quick guide
 Component Board 4...20mA LOOP POWER CONV
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HM70 A0D1A0AB
 Hand-held humidity and Temperature meter
 No Indicator
 Indicator accessories
 No Accessories
 Probe type: HMP77
 Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature
 No Probe Accessories
 No Transmitter connection cable
 No Carrying case
 English User´s Guide HM70