List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.2

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Vaisala Vietnam Code: 15778HM (set 10 pcs)
Allen Bradley
Model: 1606-XLE240E
 Power Supply 240W 24VDC 10A
Allen Bradley
Model: 1756-PB72
 Power Supply
Allen Bradley
Model: 1756-A10
 Module Chassis
Allen Bradley
Model: 1756-BA1
Allen Bradley
Model: 1769-L33ER
Anybus/ HMS Vietnam Art. No.: 024380-C
 Description: M-Bus to Modbus-TCP GW 20 2nd Gen
Model : N3-WD-3-515A4FN
 Input : 110VAC-5A-50Hz-0-952,6W Output: DC (4-20)Ma
Model : S3(T)-VD-1-05A4B
 Input: AC 0-132V Output: DC (4-20)mA
Model : N3-AD-1-55A40
Model : N3-AD-1-55A4F
Model : S3(T)-AD-1-55A4B
 Input : AC 0-5A Output: DC (4-20)mA
Model : S3(T)-FD-451A4NN
Balluff Vietnam BTL2207
 Magnetostrictive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES014M
 Inductive Sensors
Baumer Vietnam Code: 11071375
 Description: OG72 DN 1024 TTL
Burkert Vietnam 449671
 Insertion MID flow transmitter
S 50 storage water heater 50 l
 CLAGE Item ID: 4100-43850
 2kW 220–240V, 1 ~, with plug
 Hot water storage heater (50 litre capacity) with unvented internal enamel-coated steel tank, temperature selection between 8°C and 70°C with thermometer to display the actual temperature, operating display, thermostat with overheating protection, highly effective PU hard foam insulation, magnesium protection anode, water connector ½ inch, IP25D.
S10-O 10l oversink storage water heater
 CLAGE Item ID: 4100-41103
 S 10-O 2.2kW 230V, 1 ~, with plug
 Small storage water heater as oversink unit with unvented internal copper tank (10 litre capacity).
 Suitable for both open-outlet and – in connection with a safety assembly – for closedoutlet installation (also with two taps).
 Electromechanical temperature control, temperature selection
 between 5°C and 80°C with three detent positions at 35°C (ECO), 55°C and 80°C (MAX), highly effective thermal insulation, with automatic frost protection, operating display, resettable safety temperature limiter, water connector ½ inch, IP24
SG safety group / oversink inst
 CLAGE Item ID: 4100-0011
 Ihre Pos-Nr. Accessory
 Mandatory accessory for closed outlet installation depend on water pressure onsite
SGM safety group for S10-O/S15-O
 CLAGE Item ID: 4100-0012
 Ihre Pos-Nr. Accessory
 Mandatory accessory for closed outlet installation depend on water pressure onsite
Elco Holding Vietnam Code: EC50C10-P6M5R-1000
Elco Holding Vietnam Code: M125PSF-0020-W
 Cable connector
Euchner Vietnam Article: STA3A-4131A024M
 Order no.: 099480
Euchner Vietnam Article: RADIUSBETAETIGER-S-LR-LN
 Order no.: 096844
Euchner Vietnam Article: M5X10/V100
 Order no.: 073455
 Safety screws
Euchner Vietnam Article: EMP-B2
 Order no.: 093458
 Mounting plates
Euchner Vietnam Article: EMP-SB
 Order no.: 093456
 Mounting plates
Gefran Vietnam F007704
 ME1-6-M-B05C-1-4-D 2130X000X00
 Melt sensor
Gefran Vietnam F027580
 Gefran Digital Panel Meters, 40B96 Series
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: LPB04X
 Low Pressure Transmitter
 We are currently short of raw material for ELPB series. Alternatively, we can offer our LPB04X
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: DSD240
 4 wire photoelectric duct mount smoke detector, 240 Vac
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: CMD5B1000
 Wall/Surface Mount Carbon Monoxide Detector, No Relay, No Communicaon
IFM Vietnam Code: IM002A
 Description: Inductive sensor
IFM Vietnam Code:  SI6000 Flow Sensor
 Description: Flow monitor
IFM Vietnam Code: PN2592
 Description: Pressure sensor with display
IFM Vietnam Code: EVC001
 Description: Connecting cable with socket
IFM Vietnam Code: TA2242
 Description: Temperature transmitter
IFM Vietnam Code: IE5379
 Description: Inductive sensor
Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH Vietnam Model: Ta-ext-RS485-MB
 Our Product Number: 1-05-010035
 Ambient temperature sensor with RS485-Port, sensor element in stainless steel feeler sleeve incl. 3 m cable, protocol:
 MODBUS, range: -40...+90°C, case: aluminium case IP67, incl. 6 m cable
Julabo Vietnam CORIO CP-1000FW
 Refrigerated / heating circulator
Keumsung Hightech Vietnam Model: GSAD-304N
 Automatic Trap
 Part No. : 1IA-00003
 Spec. : PT 1/2"
Leuze Vietnam Code: MSI-TR1B-01
 Safety Relay, Type 2, SIL1, 24VDC, 2 x NO OSSDs, 3x PNP switching outputs, Screw terminal connection, -30 ... 60 °C, IP40, EDM, RES, Periodic function test, "Error" signal output, "Safety ON" signal output, Contactor monitoring
Leuze Vietnam Code: PRK46C.1/4P-M12
 Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, range limit 0.1 ... 30 m, LED, Red, 10-30VDC, PNP Light + PNP Dark switching, M12 4pin connector, 270° potentiometer, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/IP69K
MARK-10 Vietnam Model: ESM303-220V
 Test stand, motorized, vertical, 300 lbF / 1.5 kN
Metal Work Vietnam Model: 9800101
 M50 1/8 012
 Gauge Ø 50 1/8'' 012 bar
Motrona/ Electro-Sensor Vietnam Replacement by the CT340
 NOTE: CT151 was discontinued
MOXA Vietnam Model:  MGate MB3480
 4 Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus TCP to Serial Communication Gateway
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: D7050P0
 Extension Cables
 Note: gồm D7 connector 560701, cable 530029
 Recheck delivery time before order
Model : LT864
 Medium intensity aviation obstruction light
Model : LT601U
 Solar low intensity single light
NOEDING Vietnam Code: P131-4B0-V17
 Description: Pressure transmitter P131 0...50mbar rel
 Output: 4...20 mA, 2-conductor moulded
 process connection: G1" inside, 1.4404
 Process seal: FPM (Viton)
 power supply: 24V DC (9...32V)
 cable: 2 m
Norgren Vietnam 8020750024702400
 valve 3/2-NC G1/4 24 VDC
Norgren Vietnam 9710000305002400
 97100 valve A, 5/2-Mono G1/4 24 VDC
 NOTE: Since no coil code was specified, was offered with standard coil "3050". Please check before order
Norres Vietnam Model: 350-0080-0000
 COO : China
 Tolerance: around 0.5m
NSD Vietnam Model: VLS-1024PY800B
P+F Vietnam Code: FVM58N-011K2R3BN-1213
 Description: 515077
Phoenix Contact Vietnam 2320092
 DC/DC converters - QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/10
Pilz Vietnam Code: 774306
 Description:PNOZ X2.1 24VAC/DC 2n/o
 Safety relays
PNR Italia Vietnam Model: AAU 2780 T1EG
PORA Vietnam Model: PR-DTC-3000P
 Taper tension controller
PORA Vietnam Model: PR-DTC-3100P
 Taper tension controller
PORA Vietnam Model: PRB-5Y4
Procentec Vietnam Product code: 17020R
 ProfiHub B5+R
 RS485 5-channel repeater with diagnostic function for PROFIBUS DP / MPI & PROFISAVE
Radicon Vietnam Model: M02225.0 BGCC1
 Helical inline geared motors
 (Not Included motor)
Rotork YTC Model: YT-3300RDI5221S
 Smart Positioner
Saimo Vietnam Model: 6105P
 Panel Mount controller
Sanyo Denki Vietnam Model: R2AA08075FXH00
 Servo Motor 750W
Schischek Vietnam Code: InMax-5.10-SF
 Description: Actuator
Sew Vietnam SEW - Type: KHF37/R CMPZ71S/KY/RH1M/SM1
 Bevel-helical servo gearmotors K..CMP
 Replacement for KHF37/R CMPZ71S/KY/RH1M/SM1, Nr. 05.1794958601.0001.12.
 The special gear ratio 9,00:1 is not available anymore. Weh ave offered gear ratio 8,91:1.
 You have to check all technical specifications and dimensions.
 Product data = Confirm INTER
Sick Vietnam Code: 1037395 Encoder
 Description: SRS50-HZA0-S21
 Motor feedback systems rotary
Stego Vietnam Art no : 01230.0-00
 ETF 012; 100-240VAC
STS SENSOR Vietnam Code: DTM.OCS.S/N 128529 Level Sensor ONLY
 Description: Digital Level Transmitter
 Housing material: 1.4435
 Pressure type: Gauge
 Pressure range: 0 ... 30 mH2O
 Overpressure: 3xFS
 Process connection: closed
 Electrical connection: PUR cable, level
 NOT INCLUDED Cable length [m]: 40
 Supply voltage: 9 ... 30 V DC
 Connection configuration: wt:+Vin br:+RS485 gn:-RS485 ye:GND bk:Shield to case
 Interface: RS485
 Maximum process temperature: 50°C
 Accuracy: <=+/- 0.03% FS
 Total error band: <=+/- 0.1% FS
 Compensated temperature range: -5 ... 50°C
 Temperature measuring range: -5 ... 50°C
 Temperature measuring: integrated
 Seals: Viton
 Medium: Not specified by customer
 Old part number: DTM.OCS.S/N1.9955.1562.34.U
STS SENSOR Vietnam Code: ART01250
 Description: PUR cable, black
Vaisala Vietnam HMT330 3E0B101DBAA100A0AACBAA1
 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
 HMT333 for general use
 Probe 2m - No Temperature Probe
 Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws
 With Display
 Power Supply: Standard (10...35V,24VAC)
 Analog Output 4...20mA
 Channel 1 Td (-20...+100C)
 Channel 2 RH (0...100%RH)
 Channel 3: No output
 Metric Units
 Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5
 General purpose HUMICAP180R
 PPS Grid with Steel Netting
 Duct Installation Kit For HMT333 and HMT337
 User´s Guide HMT330 English
 No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration
 No Maintenance Contract
Weidmuller Vietnam Model: DRM570110LT
 P/N: 7760056099
 Relay ; MOQ = 1 PACK = 20pc
Wika Vietnam Bourdon tube pressure gauges, liquid filled,
 stainless steel case, model 213.53.050/063
 Model: 213.53
 Specifications according to data sheet: PM 02.12
 Measuring system: copper alloy
 Case: stainless steel 1.4301
 Case: Crimp ring case (version 53)
 Nominal size: 063 mm
 Scale range: 0...16 bar
 2nd Scale or Special Scale: 2nd scale psi
 Process connection: G 1/4 B
 Connector location: lower mount
 Accuracy class: class 1.6
 Overpressure safe: standard
 Case filling fluid: glycerine
 Pointer: plastic, black (double division)
 Window: plastic, clear
 Packaging: standard packing
 Dial: plastic, white, with stop-pin
Wika Vietnam Model: PSD-4
 PSD-4; 0...16 bar gauge ; two switching output (PNP/NPN) + 4...20 mA ; Electronic pressure switch with display
 Output signal: two switching output (PNP/NPN) + 4...20 mA
 IO-Link: without
 Power supply: 15...35 V DC
 Measuring range: 0...16 bar gauge
 Process connection: G 1/4 A DIN EN ISO 1179-2
 Sealing: NBR
 Media temperature: -20 … 85 °C (-4 ... +185 °F)
 El. connection: Circular connector M12x1 (5-pin)
 pin assignment el. connection: U+=1, U-=3, S+=5, SP1=4, SP2=2
 Accuracy: ± 0.5% of span ; Approvals: cULus