List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.42

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Advantech Vietnam P/N: PCI-1713U
 *Base: 100k, 12bit, 32ch Isolated AI Univ, PCI Card
Code: PM4-BC-DC-5E-4R BDC Meter
 Description : BCD panel meter (special version HY0.2 software)
 Input: BCD/Binary encoded data 20 bit - please specify BCD/Binary signal voltage
 Supply: 12 to 48 VDC
 Display: 5 digit 14mm LED, keypads, alarm LEDS
 RS485 serial comms
 1 x setpoint relay
 Note : Kiểm tra stock trước khi chốt PO và xác nhận mức điện áp tín hiệu ( signal voltage level) để khớp với điện trở đầu vào Ví dụ :0-5VDC
Aii Vietnam Model: GPR-1200
 Portable Oxygen Analyzer (PPM)
 GPR-12-333 OR XLT-12-333
 (confirm once ordered)
Aii Vietnam Model: XLT-12-333
 Oxygen Sensor (PPM)
Aii Vietnam Model: XLT-12-333
 Oxygen Sensor (PPM)
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1150K
Anritsu Vietnam Model: BS-31E-030-TC1-ASP
ASCO Vietnam SCG353A051.230/50-60
 Valve 2/2W-Impulsventil. 230V/50-60Hz. Alu (2/2W-Impulsventil. 230V/50-60Hz. Alu NC. G 2 1/2. NW 66).
Balluff Vietnam BES0068
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0060
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BCS016P
 BCS S20HH09-GPSFHF-EP00,3-GS49-578
 Capacitive Sensors
 BCS00TW (BCS S20TT09-GPSFHF-EP00,3-GS49) is obsolete
Balluff Vietnam BES02H7
 BES 516-114-SA1-05
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0068
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES030L
 BES 516-326-G-E5-Y-S4
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0146
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0059
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES005N
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BTL0RE7
 Magnetostrictive Sensors
Barksdale Vietnam Code: 0405-214 Pressure Sensor
 Description: B2S-H32SS Druckschalter
 Pressure Switches
Bifold Vietnam 1/4" NPT - MV - Bifold - FP06P-S1-04
 Typ: FP06P-S1-04-32-NU-V-77A-24D-35-K85
Bifold Vietnam 1/4" NPT MV - Bifold - FP06P-S1-04-ML
 Type: FP06P-S1-04-32-NU-V-77A-24D-ML-30
BUSCHJOST Vietnam Replacement by Code: 2/672-06/0515/7008-IJ-DK
 Description: Valve
Celduc Vietnam Code: SOB965060
 Two-phase solid state relay power
 SSR 2x50A/400VAC/2 Ctrl 3.5-32VDC
DKM Motor Vietnam Model: 9PBK18BH
 Gear Head
DKM Motor Vietnam Model: 9IDGG90FP
 Induction Motor 90W
Durag Vietnam 1165804 Flame Detector
 D-LX 101 UA-30
 UV Compact flame monitor
 Not for use in the EU
 #Safety time : 1 sec.#
 #Analogue Output : 4-20 mA #
 - the mounted cable type is listed separately
Durag Vietnam 1114180
 D-LX 200 CBL-V1C-PCG-00
 - assembled PVC cable w. shielding and plastic cable
 gland (metal cable gland for /84Ex); length 2 m
 - preinstalled at flame monitor/scanner, suitable for
 D-LX 200/720/201/721/101/701 and D-LC 101/701
E+H Vietnam Code: CLS52-A1VA1A1
 Description: Inductive conductivity sensor
Fischer Vietnam Code: 06401993
 2m Cable with M12 connector (4-pin)
Fischer Vietnam Code: 06401995
 2m Cable with M12 connector (5-pin)
Gefran Vietnam F082442
 WPP-A-B-2000-N L000X000X00X0XX
 ( replace for MK4-A-B-2000-N-XL0435 0000X000X00X0XX )
 position sensor
 Electrical Stroke 2000 MM
ITOH DENKI Vietnam Model: PM500FP-15-497-D-024-VP
 Power moller
 50mm diameter steel pipe
 Nominal speed; 15m/min
 - Tube length; 497mm
 - Motor cable; 300mm
 - with Hexagonal threaded shaft on both sides
 - with V belt Pulley
 - 24V DC operated
 with Mounting bracket
Kromschröder Vietnam 74924641
 Safety diaphragm VGBF/VAR 80 /B
 Spare part
Kromschröder Vietnam 74924628
 Comp diaphragm VGBF 80..40 /B
 Spare part
Matsui Vietnam Type: MC5-G1-25L95
 Mold Temperature Controller
 Heater : 4 kW
 Operational temperature : Supply water + 10℃- 95℃
 Flow rate : 20L/min @ 1bar
 Pump : 0.3 kW
 Water supply : 0.1~0.3 Mpa
 Manifold : 2 way
 Weight : 40 kg
 Hose set
Microsonic Vietnam Model: mic+600/D/TC
 ultrasonic sensors
MINCO Vietnam Minco part : AS238656PA27Z60C RTD Probe Temperature Sensor
 Consists of : S53PA50Z60
 Minco description : Assembly Probe RTD
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-508A
 Managed Ethernet switch with 8 10/100BaseT(X) ports, -10 to 60°C operating temperature
MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7528-24TX-HV-HV
 EC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch system with up to 28 ports (including 1 slot for a fast Ethernet or Gigabit module), 2 isolated power supplies (88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature
Nikuni Vietnam Model: 051P30VEU80YES4 Seal
 Spare part of KTM50F1-000
Qlight Vietnam Model: ST56EL-BZ-3-24-RAG-SZ18
 LED Steady/Flashing Tower Lights
Qlight Vietnam Model: ST80L-WS-1-220-R-QZ24
 LED Steady/Flashing Tower Lights
Qlight Vietnam Model: ST45L-BZ-3-24-RAG-SZ18
 LED Steady/Flashing Tower Lights
Qlight Vietnam Model: ST56L-BZ-3-24
 LED Steady/Flashing Tower Lights
Qlight Vietnam Model: QWTDLF-WS-3-24
 Wall Mount LED Signal Towers with Built-in Siren
Qlight Vietnam Model: ST56L-BZ-3-24-RAG
 LED Steady/Flashing Tower Lights
Qlight Vietnam Model: S100R-BZ-R-DC
 Bulb Revolving Signal Light
Qlight Vietnam Model: S100R-BZ-R-AC
 Bulb Revolving Signal Light
Qlight Vietnam Model: QPHL400-24-W
 Basic Waterproof LED Light Bars
Sanyo Denki Vietnam Model: 103H7823-0740
 Stepper Motor
Model : CSP50
 Bore:2"*1 1/2"
 Note : conf điện áp 220/440/380V khi order
Model: SJ1225HA1
 AC Fan
 Note : conf phần kết nối khi order
West-cs/ PMA Vietnam Model:  9407-998-00003 INTERFACE
 Note: REPLACEMENT FOR RS232 ADAPTER 9407-998-00001