Large size hollow through shaft.

Absolute Profibus ATEX Encoder.


Compact ATEX Absolute Encoder with Profibus Interface and a 89mm footprint. Strong and cost effective Through Hollow Bore encoder. 

Rugged and reliable for extra harsh environment, an encoder of choice for Zone 1 & 2 applications. Hybrid sensing technology. Optical for the single turn part, magnetic for the multiturn part. No gear wheels to wear out.

This Through Hollow Bore encoder can be mounted directly on drive shafts. The innovative removable end-cap allows for ease of mounting cables. Mount it directly into your application without any need of any barrier, isolator or special cable. Certified for world wide applications ATEXIECEx and North American.  Check the data sheet for new type: SCH88BEX




  • Advantages:                    
  • Hollow Shaft Encoder – ø 89 mm (ø 3.46 in.)
  • Through Hollow Bore: ø 25 mm to ø 30 mm (1.18 in.)
  • IP 66/67/68 (~ Nema 6) Environmental Protection
  • Aluminium (Chromital TCP surface treatment)
  • Material option Stainless Steel (AISI 316)
  • ATEXIECEx and North American Class I Div. 1, Zone 1 & Zone 21 Certifications


  • Applications:                  
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Shipping
  • Cranes 



Datasheet SCH88BEX



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