Marine Operations Survey System (MOSS) Tarka VietNam ANS HaNoi


Its pragmatic design means it is practical and simple to use, its adaptable multi-sensor functionality gives you the freedom to develop your own Marine Operation Survey and Monitoring solutions.

Some basic examples are:
  • Inclining experiments
  • Freeboard measurement
  • Salvage survey and monitoring
  • Dry docking operations
  • Field pressure testing
  • Any field operations...

The MOSS model is a portable case that provides readout, presentation and storage of (multiple) sensor signals. Based on a rugged case the following components are integrated:
  • Visualisation screen with user control buttons.
  • Battery supply with status display. Long operational time up to 100 hours, fast recharge.
  • Electronics for data gathering and storage.
  • IP67 connectors for external sensors, battery charge and output functionality.