List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.16.

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Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330500-02-CN
 Piezo-velocity Sensor
CS-Instrument Vietnam P/N: 06960521 0480
 Type: VA521
 Compact Inline flow meter for compressed air and other gases
 with analogue output 4...20mA and pulse output (galvanically separated),
 - Inner pipe diamter A3 - 3/4"
 - type of thread B1 - G inside thread
 - material type C2 - stainless steel 316L
 - Gas type E1 - Compressed air
 - Measuring range F3 - Max-Version (185 m/s)
 - Reference conditions G1 - 20°C, 1000 hPa
 - Option display H1 - with integrated display
 - Option signal outp./ Bus con. J1 - 1 x 4…20 mA analog output for actual flow and pulse output, RS 485 (Modbus-RTU)
 - flow straightener K1 - integrated
 - Accuracy class ± 1 % of measured value ±0,3% of f.s. Z6955005
 - Maximum pressure M2 - 40 bar (High pressure) Z6950411
 - Measuring range 0 .. 175 Nm³/h
PN: R480618748
 Rodless Cylinder
Homa Vietnam Item no: 120020
 Contactor acc. List 280
 Ident-Nr: B1N52F08D240N000
 Type: NFG 5002v o.L., II-pol
 Ag-current contacts
 Ith2 1600A, 1500V 50-60Hz
 Ui 1500V, U20 2500V
 Uc 220-230V 0-60Hz/DC
 1 coil N125
 1 solid-state control unit
 wiring diagram acc. to S04790_06 fig. 8
 6 auxiliary contacts (2NC+4NO)
 mounted below magnetic system
 arrangement acc. to S04790_06 fig. A
 dimension acc. to figure 67
 dimension 'A'=541mm
 without latch-in and trip coil
Vega Vietnam Code: SN61.XXAGVDMXX
 Description: Ultrasonic Level Probe
Model: LMV51.100C2
 Burner control
Model: AZL52.00B1WH
 Display and operator unit
Vecow Vietnam Model: ECX-1110-9700TE16W-VT1
 Expandable Fanless System
 (ECX-1100, Pre-installed with Intel i7-9700TE, Certified DDR4 16GB RAM W/T, 512GB 2.5" SATA SSD 3MR2-P W/T (DRS25-C12D81BW1QCP-H03) compliant with MIL-STD-810-F/G)