List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.19

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ABB Vietnam Model: : ACS550-01-072A-4
 Frequency converter
ABB Vietnam Control panel ( English Version )
AEP transducers Vietnam Model: EMP1A230
 Note: confirm input, full scale và thông số kĩ thuật trước khi đặt hàng
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 2711P-T10C22D9P
 Note: recheck trước khi order
Allen Bradley
Model: 700FSM4UU18
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1200K
 Thermometer (replace for HA-200K - Obsoluted)
Balluff Vietnam BTL1J3W
 Magnetostrictive Sensors
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/15-05-05-00
 Power Supplies
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 9200-01-01-10-00
 Two-Wire Velocity Seismoprobe Transducer
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330130-080-01-00
 3300 XL Standard Extension Cable
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330104-00-06-10-02-00
 3300 XL 8mm Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330180-90-00
 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/22-01-01-00
 Transient Data Interface Module
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/45-01-00
 Position Monitor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/50-01-00
 Tachometer Module
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/32-01-00
 4-Channel Relay Module
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/53M-03-00
 Electronic Overspeed Detection System
 Note: code hàng này đã ngưng sản xuất, chỉ còn stock 1 pc tại kho supplier, nếu hết stock không có sản phẩm thay thế
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330901-00-40-10-02-CN
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 21000-33-10-00-069-04-02
 Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330105-02-12-05-02-CN
 Reverse Mount Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330980-71-CN
 Proximitor Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330105-02-12-10-02-00
 Reverse Mount Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330901-00-90-10-02-CN
 Proximity Probes
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330930-060-02-CN
 Extension Cable
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 16710-35
 Interconnect Cable
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330130-080-01-CN
 Extension Cable
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330180-X1-CN
 MOD : 145004-20
 Proximity Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330180-X1-CN
 MOD : 143416-12
 Proximity Sensor
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/61-01-CN
 Temperature Monitors
Bestech Vietnam Model: B12A
 Mechanical booster pump
Crouse-Hinds/Eaton Vietnam GHG 411 8100 R0002
 mushroom-head pushbutton
Crouse-Hinds/Eaton Vietnam GHG4101901R1036
 Accessories/ protective collar, OU=1
Crydom Vietnam Crydom 84137121
 GN 50 A
 Solid State Relays
Dwyer Vietnam Code: MSXP-W10-PA-LCD
 Magnesense Transmitter
Model: W2E250-HL06-01
 Axial Fan
Model: W2E143-AB09-01
 Axial Fan
Euchner Vietnam Article: MGB-L1H-ARA-L-121211
 Order no.: 121211
Euchner Vietnam Article: MGB-L1H-ARA-R-121209
 Order no.: 121209
Eurotherm Vietnam Code : LFSSV/LFS832143000
 SERVO OPTIONS (4) RS485 (or 2 Logic Input)
Pressure Gauge BCP IP A/B
 Model: WP6-60-2-4BM-LGF-CBS
 Range: 0 ÷ 70 bar - Nominal size: 150mm - Connection: G1/2B, Male, Bottom connection - Filled Glycerin - Code: EXL-190510H
FAIRCHILD Vietnam Model: TD6000-401U
FAIRCHILD Vietnam Model: TD6000-402U
Gefran Vietnam CON022
Gefran Vietnam CAV003
 Cable 5m
 CAVO 5MT M12 8P PUR IP67 FE MK3-4 *
PN : 161543677
 Ball Valve
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: CMD5B1000-010
 Space CO detector
 0-300ppm, 0-10Vdc output
Helmholz Vietnam 700-954-8LL03
 Memory Card
Hydac Vietnam 907917
 HYDAC EDS-348-5-040-000
 Pressure Switch Sensing
IFM Vietnam Code:  PN3594
 Description: Pressure sensor with display
IFM Vietnam Code:  PN7809
 Description: Pressure sensor with display
IFM Vietnam Code:  II5697
 Description: Inductive sensor
IFM Vietnam Code:  PN3571
 Description: Pressure sensor with display
IFM Vietnam Code:  TM4411
 Description: Temperature sensor with process connection
Kinetrol Vietnam 054-100
KUBLER Vietnam Model: 8.5872.3632.G141
 Incremental Encoder
 8.5870.3642.G142 ngừng sản xuất
Leuze Vietnam Code: LS25C/XX-M12
 Part no: 50139688
 Throughbeam photoelectric sensor transmitter, range limit 0... 30m, LED, Red, M12 4pin connector, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/69K,
Leuze Vietnam Code: LE25C.1/4P-M12
 Part no: 50139697
 Throughbeam photoelectric sensor receiver, Operating range limit 0 ... 30 m, 10-30VDC, PNP Light switching + PNP Dark switching outputs, 2M12 4pin connector, 15 mm x 42.7 mm x 30 mm, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/69K, 270° potentiometer
Lumel Vietnam Code P30U 121100M1
 Progr. transducer, temper., dc input
 1:output 0/4-20mA,
 1:second relay
 1:supply 85-253Vac/dc
 00:standard version
 M:English/Polish version
 1:QI certificate
MONDEO Vietnam 900116
 1/2" 304/FPM
 MOQ= 1 Box of 12 units
MONDEO Vietnam 900102
 1/4" 304/FPM
 MOQ= 1 Box of 12 units
MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7728-F-HV-HV
 Modular Managed Ethernet Switch System with 3 slots for 100 Mbps modules, 1 slot for Gbps modules, Ethernet ports on front panel, LED display on front panel, with two 88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC power supplies, for a total of 24+4G ports
MOXA Vietnam Model: PM-7200-6MSC
 Fast Ethernet Module with 6 multi-mode 100BaseFX ports with SC connectors
MOXA Vietnam Model: PM-7200-2GTXSFP
 Gigabit Ethernet module with 2 10/100/1000BaseT(X) or 1000BaseSFP slot combo ports
MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7528-8MSC-16TX-4GSFP-HV-HV
 IEC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch with 8 100BaseFX ports(MSC), 16 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 4 1000BaseSFP ports, for a total of up to 28 ports, 2 isolated power supply (88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature
MOXA Vietnam Model: ABC-02-USB-T
 USB based Auto Backup Configurator, Configuration backup/restoration, firmware upgrade and log file storage tool for managed Ethernet switches and Routers, -40 to 75°C operating temperature
MOXA Vietnam Model: ioLogik E1240
 Remote Ethernet I/O, 8AI, 2-port Switch
Nikuni Vietnam Model: CL70LW
 Vortex Dynamix Filter
Nikuni Vietnam Model: SPD-100LW
 Sludge Pod
 Material: Stanless steel
 Capacity: 1 liter
Nikuni Vietnam Model: SPD-100P
 Sludge Pod
 Material: Plastic
 Note: Mẫu được đề xuất, khi cặn đầy có thể nhìn thấy bằng mắt thường và xả cặn được.
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam Model: ASM58N-F3AK1R0GN-1213
 Multiturn absolute encoder
 Note: Recheck khi order
Phoenix Contact Vietnam 1409353
 Sensor/actuator cable - SAC-5P-MS/8-PUR/FS YE VA SH
Pilz Vietnam Code: 772100
 Description: PNOZ m B0
 Configurable safe small controllers
Pilz Vietnam Code: 750107
 Description: PNOZ s7 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c
 contact expansion
Pilz Vietnam Code: 774749
 Description: PNOZ X10.1 24VDC 6n/o 4n/c 6LED
 Safety relay
Pilz Vietnam Code: 541053
 Description: PSEN cs3.1n 1switch
 safety switch
Pilz Vietnam Code: 773820
 Description: PNOZ ms3p standstill / speed monitor
 expansion module
Pilz Vietnam Code: 773600
 Description: PDP67 F 8DI ION
 Decentralised input module
Pilz Vietnam Code: 502221
 Description: PSEN 2.1p-21/PSEN 2.1-20 /8mm/LED/1unit
 Magnetic safety switch
Pilz Vietnam Code: 380000
 Description: SafetyNET p Cable
Pilz Vietnam Code: 773602
 Description: PNOZ ml2p safe link PDP
 connection module
PINTSCH BUBENZER Vietnam Code: 8-902850043736
 Description: SFB160, MKe / a, GB + WDR, A550rad + KV, 207V
 Electromagnetic double-surface spring pressure brake SFB 160
 - Braking torque 1600 Nm according to DIN VDE 0580
 - coil voltage 207V DC; Connection cable with a round cross-section
 - Flange A550 according to IEC standard and
 DIN 42948 / DIN EN 50347 FF500, Flange thickness 30mm (dimension "o"), 2x radial cable outlet including cable gland
 M16x1.5; Position 195 ° and 225 °
 - Degree of protection IP67 according to DIN EN 60529 / VDE 0470-1
 - Manual release screws (standard version)
 - Housing centered (exchangeable)
 - Microswitch with function monitoring brake released /closed
 - Housing bore for continuous motor shaft
 including sealing ring for Motor shaft Ø 85mm, customer-side shaft
 preparation: twist-free ground, Ra 0.2-0.8 μm, running surface
 SFB 160 = 8-902850043736 + 8-000585209214 hardness 40-60 HRC; 2xM6 on Pitch circle diameter 150mm at position 0 ° and 70 °
 - Painting with two-component epoxy resin primer
 - 2nd nameplate enclosed loosely
PINTSCH BUBENZER Vietnam Code: 8-000585209214
 Description: HUB D = 85 L = 191 L1 = 171 SFB 160-400
 finished drilled Ø85H7 incl. keyway according
 to DIN6885 / 1; Tolerance zone
 L = 191 mm,
 L1 = 171 mm,
 can be used for SFB 160 - SFB 250 - SFB 400
PINTSCH BUBENZER Vietnam Code: 8-000585214214
 Description: HUB D = 110 L = 191 L1 = 171 SFB160-400
 finished drilled Ø110H7 incl. keyway according
 to DIN6885 / 1; Tolerance zone
 L = 191 mm,
 L1 = 171 mm,
 SFB 250-H = 8-902851043673 + 8-000585214214
PINTSCH BUBENZER Vietnam Code: 8-000585214214
 Description: HUB D = 110 L = 191 L1 = 171 SFB160-400
 finished drilled Ø110H7 incl. keyway according
 to DIN6885 / 1; Tolerance zone
 L = 191 mm,
 L1 = 171 mm,
Pora Vietnam Model: PR-DPA-100L.A
 EPC Controller
Praxis Automation Vietnam Code: 93.0.960.1
 Description: PMS Operator Panel (IP44)
 Note : Check stock before order
Praxis Automation Vietnam Code:
 Marine personal computer
 MPC low prof.24Vdc SSD 32Gb
 with Special software programming
 ( is the replacement of
Seojin Instech Vietnam Model: SR7-2-A-1-A-1-A-1
 Mini Paddle Type Level Switch
 Contact Rating: 250V AC, 3A (1SPDT)
 Power Suppy: 110 or 220V AC ±10%, 5/60Hz
 Process Temp: -10~ +60 (120 Max.)
 Input Voltage: 220V AC
 Type of Shaft: General type (69 mm, Std.)
 Dectecion Parts Material: 304SS (Std.)
 Operation Temp: -10 ~ +60℃ (Std.)
 Measuring Parts Length: 69 mm
 Mouting Size: PF 3/4" Thread (Std.)
 Type of Paddle: Cross paddle
Servomech Vietnam Code: ATL30 RN1 C50R0E FS
 Description: Gear box
SEW Vietnam Code: 13642693
 13621572 - Substitution material available comp. 13642693
Showa Giken Vietnam Model: JWD-5025 15Ax2P
 Rotary Joint
Sick Vietnam Code: 1033489 Safety Sensor
 Description: EG341-81B001012058
 Safety Switch Sensing
VibroSystM Vietnam Cảm biến đo độ rung
 P/N: VSM-FOA100E-10A
 FOA-100E Fiber OpticAccelerometer complete
 with 10m integral fiber optic cable and signal conditioner
Watlow Vietnam Watlow Code Number : 2101-7627
 Configuration Details :
 Sensor Style 30 Style- .125 & .188 Dia-Bayonet
 Sheath Outside Diameter [in] D = .188 inch
 Junction Type/Tip Style U: Single "U" Round Tip
 Calibraton Type Type K
 Limits of Error Standard Limits
 (B) Dimension Length 3.000
 (Q) Dimension 1.000
 Strain Relief None
 Potting 00 - None
 Lead Wire Type S -Fiberglass w/SS Overbraid, 24 GA Stranded
 Lead Length [in] (E) 120
 Termination Type B - Split Leads w/#6 Spade Lug
 Insulated Singles Length [in] (S) 2.500
 Lead wire Color Code ANSI - United States Standard
 Certification Type No Certification Required