List thiết bị giá sẵn, giao hàng nhanh, ANS Vietnam No.44

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(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam RAYMI302LTSCB30
 Item No.: 3780656
 Infrared Temperature Sensor
 -40 to 600°C, 8 to 14 µm, D:S 2:1, 130 ms, 1 m cable
(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam RAYMI3COMM
 Item No.: 3780950
 Communication box (metal) for 1 head in IP65 with USB 2.0 communications and analog outputs.
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1750E
 Handheld Thermometer
Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1100E
Anritsu Vietnam Model: U-211E-00-D0-1-TC1-ASP
Apiste Vietnam Model: ENC-GR1300LE
 eco FA Cooler (Non
 Freon/Energy-Saving/Non-drain Model)
 (Replaces for obsolete ENC-G1320LE)
Aventics/ Rexroth Vietnam R103564020
 Linear Sets
Aventics/ Rexroth Vietnam R103563020
 Linear Sets
B&C Electronics Vietnam PH7635 pH/ORP Sensing
 pH/ORP microprocessor controller. Panel mounting 96x96x95 mm
 (85-264 Vac)
B&C Electronics Vietnam CL7685 Sensing/ Sensor
 Potentiostatic Chlorine and D.Ozone microprocessor controller. Panel
 mounting 96x96x155 mm (110/220 Vac)
B&C Electronics Vietnam CL7685 Sensing/ Sensor
 Potentiostatic Chlorine and D.Ozone microprocessor controller. Panel
 mounting 96x96x155 mm (110/220 Vac)
Balluff Vietnam BES0068
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES030L
 BES 516-326-G-E5-Y-S4
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0146
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0059
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES005N
 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BAE0113
 BAE PS-XA-1W-24-100-018
 Power supplies
Balluff Vietnam BES01FC
 BES 516-346-H2-Y
 Inductive Sensors
 BES 516-346-HO-Y is obsolete
Baumer Vietnam 10158593
 ZADM 023H151.0001
 Edge sensors
Bihl+wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU2234
 ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 masters
 Agent Capacity 50 lb
 Model: 35050
Burkert Vietnam Code: 56984
 Description: Type 0330
BUSCHJOST Vietnam Replacement by Code: 2/672-06/0515/7008-IJ-DK
 Description: Valve
Checkline Vietnam Model: HTGS-85L
 Digital Torque Gauge, 85.00 lb-in, 13mm chuck
Dold Vietnam Art. No.: 0059266
 Model: LH5946.48/61 20-400mV UH DC24V
E+H Vietnam Code: FMR57-2472/0
 Description: FMR57-AAACCABDA6CHJ1+OP
 Level radar
E2S Vietnam Model: STExCP8PTDPLAS3A1RNExxxRSxxxR
 Reset/Momentary Call Point
 Switch type: DPCO/DPDT
 PCBA: 6 x 4mm with EOL & Series terminations
 Push button lift flap
 Entries: 3 x M20
 Stopping plugs: Stainless Steel
 Duty label St/St + Equip. tag
 Product Option: Standard
 Enclosure colour: Red
 Default = N - not currently used
 Resistor value e.g. E470R = 470 Ohm
 Resistor value in Ohms e.g. S1K5R = 1.5K Ohm
E2S Vietnam Model: SP65-0001-A4
 Pole Mount Bracket Kit 2" St/St A4 (316)
EATON Vickers Vietnam PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-21-C21-12
Electro-Sensor Vietnam Type: 907 XP
 P/N: 775-000600
Emerson Vietnam Model: TREX-0004-0001
 Lead Set with Connectors
 Note: 00375-0004-0001 replaced TREX-0004-0001
Euchner Vietnam Article: TP4-4141A024M SAFETY SENSOR
 Order no.: 084275
Correct Model : FLUKE-87-5/E2-KIT
 Digital Multimeter
 (87V/E2 NIST)
 Note : recheck CODE khi order
FSG Vietnam Art no: 1870S10-002.022
 Pendulum Transmitter
 in oil-filled aluminium casing
 IP code IP 65
 with plug-connection
 with plug of label Coninvers
 with foot mounting
 inclination angle ± 45°
 with inductive Angular Transmitter
 with integrated electronics
 output 4-20 mA at mx. 600 Û
 supply 19-33VDC/approx. 60mA
 3-wire system
 angular position 0° = plug on top
GEFA GmbH Vietnam SD2BP500
 Pneum. operated knife gate valve
 Set components:
 SD22263KT500T200F - DN 500 DOMINO-knife gate valve
 TS -10°C/+120°C
 knife gate valve, lug type for installation as wafer or lug type.
 valve for bulk material, COMPACT-cross seals.
 conical milling grooves in front of the cross seals, interrupted in the middle.
 lateral gate guide alternately interrupted in front and rear body.
 product-tight in both flow directions.
 flange: DIN EN 1092-1 PN 10, face-to-face dimension: DIN EN 558
 series 20, PB max.: 1 bar
 body: EN-GJL-250 (GG 25), reduced bore flow direction marked on both sides EKB coated inside and outside color: RAL 9005, electrically conducting gate: 1.4301, segment radius (45° bevelled),
 milled scraper blades,
 1. cross seal.: PTFE /silicone, 2. cross seal.: NBR
 Round seal: ceramic fibre, screws: steel, zinc coated
 Pneumatic cylinder double acting, diameter: 300 mm
 air pressure: 6 bar
 body: aluminium, piston rod: 1.4104
 mounting parts: pillars, steel coated
Gefran Vietnam F003887 SENSOR
 PC-M-0400 0000X000X00
 Linear Transducer
Gefran Vietnam F003846 SENSOR
 PC-M-0100 0000X000X00
 Linear Transducer
GIVI MISURE Vietnam Model:  GVS400 T5Z 00300 05VL M06/A SC ENCODER
 Zero ref 35mm right/left
 Resolution 5 micron, length 300mm, power supply 5 Volt Line Driver, cable length 6 meter without connector
GREYSTONE Vietnam Model: PSR-1-T
 Light sensor, 4 - 20 mA output
Hans-schmidt Vietnam Model: J-100
 Thickness Gauge
 Note: Confirm feeler shape before order
Hans-schmidt Vietnam Model: K-200
 Thickness Gauge
 Measuring range: 0-30mm
 Resolution: 0.1mm
 Note: Confirm feeler shape before order
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMC3 180 L-4 22 kW IE3
 22 kW
 1500U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F;
 1 Set PTC;
 Electric Motors
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMC3 160 L-4 15 kW IE3
 15 kW
 1500U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F;
 1 Set PTC;
 Electric Motors
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMC3 180 L-6 15 kW IE3
 15 kW
 1000U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F;
 1 Set PTC;
 Electric Motors
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMC3 160 L-6 11 kW IE3
 11 kW
 1000U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F;
 1 Set PTC;
 Electric Motors
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMA3 132 M2-4 7,5 kW IE3
 7,5 kW
 1500U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F;
 1 Set PTC;
 Electric Motors
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMA3 132 S-6 3 kW IE3
 3 kW
 1000U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F;
 1 Set PTC;
 Electric Motors
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam HMC2 315L3-4 291 kW
 291 kW
 Marine Motor
 1775U/min; 440V; 60HZ; IP55; Isokl. F; 45°C
 1 Satz PTC; Tropical winding; Space heater
Model: DBW10B-1-50B/3156CG24N9Z5L
 Van thủy lực
Model: DBW20B-1-50B/315-6CG24N9Z5L
 Van thủy lực
Kansai Vietnam Model: NM-SC AC200V
 SN: 1803272
Kromschroder Vietnam Code: 84320302
 UV Sensor
KSR Kübler/ KSR Kuebler/ Wika Vietnam FFG-BP.20H3ON-DTK48-400 Level Gauge/ Level Sensor
 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter for Magnetic Level Gauge Type BLM-SAD
 Approval: ATEX - Ex d ; ZELM 13 ATEX 0508 X II 2G Ex d IIB T3 to T6 Gb
 Standard (-60°C up to 185°C) (liquid temperature)
 Material housing: Stainless steel IP67
 LCD display: Without
 Electrical connection: M20 x 1.5 mm with cable gland
 Output signal: 4-20 mA - HART Ver. 7
 Housing location: Bottom mounted angled
 Guide tube: OD 12 mm
 Measuring range: 400 mm
 Sensor tube length: 550 mm
 of the tube and ambient temperature of the housing see note in OI
MACOME Vietnam Right Model: GS 2744A
 Guide Sensor
Mark-10 Vietnam Model: M5-300
 Force gauge, 300 lbF / 4800 ozF / 150 kgF / 1500 N / 1.5 kN
MEGGITT Vietnam Model: 111-912-000-01x-A1-B1-E500-F0-G0-H05 Proximity Sensor
 Proximity transducer, TQ912
 Note: vibro-meter TQ4x2 proximity sensors and EA402 extension cable –replaced by the TQ9x2 and EA902 ®
 (TQ412 111-412-000-013-A1-B1-E0005-F0-G00-H05)
Meto-Fer Automation AG Vietnam Model: QE-022-EB-020
 Proximity Sensor
Metrix Vietnam ST5484E-121-0010-00 Vibration Sensor
 IPT Seismic Vibration Transmitter, loop powered
Miki Pulley Vietnam Type: L-070
 (For supper-Flex coupling)
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-208A
 Unmanaged Ethernet switch with 8 10/100BaseT(X) ports, -10?to?60°C operating?temperature
MOXA Vietnam Model:  ICF-1150I-S-ST
 Industrial RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Optic Converter
MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7528-12MSC-12TX-4GSFP-WV-WV
 IEC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch with 12 100BaseFX ports(MSC), 12 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 4 1000BaseSFP ports, for a total of up to 28 ports, 2 isolated power supply (18 ~ 72VDC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature
MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7528-8MSC-16TX-4GSFP-HV-HV
 IEC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch with 8 100BaseFX ports(MSC), 16 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 4 1000BaseSFP ports, for a total of up to 28 ports, 2 isolated power supply (88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature
M-SYSTEM Vietnam Model: M5RS-4A-M RTD Sensor
 RTD Transmitter
 Note: Please tell me the input range when ordering
NAFFCO Vietnam Model: NWR-120
 2-1/2" E-TYPE Pressure Reducing Landing Valve, Flanged Inlet (OD 165mm, PDC 125MM, acc DN50) PN20
NOEDING Vietnam Part number: P136-403-F31
 Description: Pressure transmitter P136 0...400 mbar rel.
 Output: 4...20 mA, 2-wire
 adjustable (Turndown) 1:5
 Processconnection: G1A, 1.4404
 Housing: stainless steel 1.4301
 Processgasket: EPDM
 Power supply: 24V DC (12...30V)
PCE Instrument Vietnam Code: PCE-HS 150N
 Hanging scale PCE-HS 150N
Pepperl + Fuchs Vietnam Model:KFD2-STC5-1.2O
 SMART Transmitter Power Supply
 KFD2-CR4-1.2O ngưng sản xuất
Pilz Vietnam Code: 773500
 Description: PNOZ mo1p 4 so
 expansion module
PORA Vietnam Model: PRC-0.3A4
 Powder Clutch
Model: ABZMS-41-1X/0370/RTA/DC-K24 Float Sensing/ Level Sensor
 PN : R901212592
 Float switch
Rosemount Vietnam Model: 1066-P-HT-60 SENSOR
 pH Transmitter
Rosemount Vietnam Model: 3900-01-10 SENSOR
 pH Sensor with cable
SANYO DENKI Vietnam Model: 109P0424B302
 DC Fans
Sick Vietnam Code: 1017858
 Description: WL24-2R240
 Compact photoelectric sensor
Model: 6ES7952-1KM00-0AA0
 Memory Card
Model: 6ES7432-1HF00-0AB0
Model: 6ES7405-0KA02-0AA0
 Module (6ES7405-0KA01-0AA0)
Model : 6ES7414-2XK05-0AB0
Model: 6ES7341-1AH01-0AE0
Model: 6ES7153-2BA00-0XB0
Model: 6ES7331-7KF01-0AB0
Model: 6ES7321-1BH02-0AA0
Model: 6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0
Model: 6ES7322-1BH01-0AA0
Model : CS1TN250-800J
New Model : AW20-02BE-B
 Filter regulator
 Note : recheck CODE khi order
Model : AW20-02-2-X490
 Filter regulator
Model : AW30-02-B
 Filter regulator
SPG Motor Vietnam Model: S9I200GT-T(J87)
 Induction Motor 200W
SPG Motor Vietnam Model: S9I90GSHCE
 Induction motor 90W
SPG Motor Vietnam Model: S9I90GSH-ECE
 Brake motor 90W
New Model: PC-310A
 pH/ORP Transmitter
 Note : recheck CODE khi order
Model: PH-300T
 pH/ORP Transmitter
Tamagawa Vietnam P/N: TS 5104N632
Togami Vietnam Type: RSK-12J
 Togami Magnetic Contactor
 Note: Confirm voltage once order
Togami Vietnam Model: PAK-12J
 Togami Magnetic Contactor
 Note: Confirm voltage once order
Valbia Vietnam Order code :  82DA0070
 Description : Pneumatic Actuator type DA 115 , 0-90 °, Aluminium, DOUBLE ACTING, mod 115, F07-F10, CH22, temp -20°C +85°C
Watlow Vietnam P/N: E4A6-AB12
 Configuration Details :
 Base Code Number: E4A6 = 1/4 X 4 240V 300W
 Lead Type: Fiberglass (GGS)
 Lead Length (in.): 12
 Protection Type: No Selection (Chose If LA Option Is Required)
 Pin Option AB= Medium Pins 5/8"
 CE No
Wenglor Vietnam Code: P1NH303
 Description: Reflex Sensor
 HN55PBV3 is replaced by P1NH303
Wika Vietnam intelliGAUGE® PGT23.100/160
 H990.18-ANN2140C2C2AZZZZ Z
 intelliGAUGE® PGT23.100/160
 Pressure Transmitter with analog display,
 bourdon tube measuring system, stainless steel
 Specifications according to data sheet: PV 12.04
 Output signal: 4 ... 20 mA, 2-wire
 Nominal size: 100
 Scale range: 0...10 bar
 Process connection: Diaphragm Seal
 Connection location: lower mount
 Liquid Damping (case filling): with
 Case: solid front design EN837 "S3"
 Electrical connection: L-Plug DIN EN 175201-804 6-pin + PE sidewise
 Pressure Gauge Standard: International (standard Europe)
 Accuracy class: class 1.0
 Overpressure safe: standard
 Window: laminated safety glass
 Case material: Stainless steel 1.4301
 Case surface: bare
 Case filling fluid: Silicon oil M50
 Material pressure element: Measuring System 316L
 Permissible medium temperature: changed because of diaphragm seal attachment
 Special measuring element: version 2 optimized (for diaphragm seals)
 Manufacturer logo: *WIKA*
 serial number on dial: Serial number *...*
 Diaphragm seal system with 1 diaphragm seal
 Assembly specification High-Side: Direct assembly
 System fill fluid: KN 59 Neobee M-20; for food and pharmaceutical applications;FDA
 Process temperature min.: + 10°C
 Process temperature max.: + 80°C; for sterilisation (SIP) max. + 130°C
 Ambient temperature pressure meas. min: + 10°C
 Ambient temperature pressure meas. max: + 40°C
 Typ_ID-No: EZE units
 Diaphragm seal for pharmaceutical, biochemical and
 food industry
 Specifications according to data sheet: DS 99.40
 Diaphragm seal: Model 990.18
 Process connection type: Screw connection following DIN 11851
 Process connection specifikation: Grooved union nut
 Process connection: DN 40 (pipe dimensions 41.0 x 1.5)
 pipe standard: Pipe dimensions per DIN 11850 row 2
 Upper body material / main body material: Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L); UNS S31603
 Diaphragm material: Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L); UNS S31603
 Surface roughness wetted parts, welding seam excluded: Ra ≤ 0,76 μm (Ra 0.30 μin.) according to
 NOTE: Offer is with diaphragm seal 990.18 due we have no model 900.18.
 And offer with Grooved union nut process connection. Please check before order