Capacitive sensors with high immunity at ESD, K15 – K21 series

Selet presents this ESD high protection family of capacitive sensors.

The body is made of PTFE that is antistaitic material; this cause the sensor to be high recommended in plastic compound detection, in tile detection and also for detecting liquids that are aggressives.

The sensitivity can be adjusted by an extrenal trimmer (small potentiometer) that is fixed in the rear side of the sensor.

Main features:

  • Sizes: 18mm, 22mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm
  • PTFE  housing
  • Smooth or threaded body
  • Flush – Non flush versions
  • Sensitivity adjustment by trimmer
  • DC, AC or AC/DC types
  • Cable or M12 connectors
  • Customers adaptation according to their requirements